• Malaspina Glacier, Alaska

  • Gotland, Sweden

  • Peninsula Dardzha, Turkmenistan

  • Dasht-e Kevir, Iran

Prof. PhD. Eng. Krzysztof Galos

• member of Polish Academy of Science,
• PhD in Economical Geology,
• expert in economical evaluations of geological findings,
• over 150 scientific publications, 9 books, 26 periodicals,
• several unpublished reports for governments and private/public corporations and agencies,
participated or led more than 30 consulting assignments for entities such as Kredit Bank (Belgium), PGNiG (Polish state natural gas monopolist), KGHM (6th largest copper producer in the world), Polish Ministry of Economy, Polish Ministry of Natural Resources, Steffen, Robertson & Kirsten (UK), Kilborn SNC Lavallin Europe Ltd. and others.