• Malaspina Glacier, Alaska

  • Gotland, Sweden

  • Peninsula Dardzha, Turkmenistan

  • Dasht-e Kevir, Iran

Prof. PhD. Eng. Adam Piestrzynski - the main coordinator of GeoExpert International

• State Professor of Science since 1999,
• licence of European Geologist (Licence # 751),
• one of the best global expert on ore geology and mineral deposits,
• more than 35 years of extremely successful, global professional, consulting and advisory experience,
over 150 global consulting and advisory projects related to copper, coal, gold, oil and gas and uranium for governments and private/public corporations in countries like Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden, United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway, Egypt, Mongolia, Peru, Canada,
• more than 160 published scientific papers.